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March 4, 2008.
1. What is GRE and who should give it?
GRE is the abbreviation of Graduate Record Examination. It is a standardized test conducted by ETS. GRE is usually required for admissions in many graduate schools, particularly in the US. Anyone who is seeking an admission to a good university in the US or any other English speaking country, should give the GRE test and aim to get the highest possible score. The GRE score plays a key role in admissions in some of the major leading universities today.
2. What is GRE test format?
  • The GRE test is either:
  • GRE General Test. OR
  • GRE Subject Test
  • These tests usually test students’ skills in:
  • Match
  • Vocabulary
  • Analytical Writing
3. Why can’t I prepare for GRE on my own?
That’s because you are in for some big competition, and doing it solely on your own wouldn’t result in as high a score as it would when you take help from experienced GRE teachers. High schools simply opt for high scorers and it sure isn’t a peace of cake to get the hang of GRE format, concepts and strategy on your own.
4. If I must take help, then why you?
GREPass shows you a simple, effective and thorough way of preparing for the GRE. Why us? because we are simply the best when it comes to GRE preparation. This is because we have the one of the best GRE teacher there is, with around 12 years of teaching experience. Coupled with the fact that our professionals have compiled a comprehensive study guide and an up to date Q n A and the all-famous test engine,;simply the best GRE preparation products under one roof…why wouldn’t you take help from us?
5. Why should I pay for GRE preparation?
Some people aren’t comfortable with spending money on GRE preparation. Are you one of those? Well, ask yourself, is your future more important or a few bucks? You spend on everything else, won’t you invest in building your career? Do you really think that spending on making a successful career is a sheer waste of money? I think not. I think you deserve to spend that amount on yourself, on your future.. and on your GRE preparation. In the long run, your investment will lead you high returns.
6. Allright! You got me convinced. But I’d like to see the demo first before I make a decision.
No problem. Feel free to view the demo at our site before you make a purchase.
Products and Services
1. What are the GRE preparation products at GREPass?
GREPass offers the following preparation products and services:
  • GRE Study Guide
  • GRE Q n A and Test Engine
  • GRE Talk to Expert Service
2. Tell me more about the GRE Study Guide?
GRE experts and professional writers at GREPass have developed a comprehensive study guide which amply covers all the sections of the GRE test. The study guide has been written in an interesting manner so that the student would want to learn and not just cram. Emphasis has been laid not just on test taking strategies, but also on theory.
3. What is the Study guide available in?
It’s available in pdf format.
4. Tell me more about the GRE Q n A?
GRE Q n A are some authentic, tested question and answers of the GRE test which you can use to test yourself. You can also find your weak areas and then improve them while you still have time.
5. What is the Q n A available in?
They are available in pdf form.
6. Tell me more about the GRE Test engine?
This is superb test engine which you can install on your PC and practice in test-like situation. Which means that you will be taken from one question to another on your computer, and you have to select the right answer… exactly how you will do it on the test day. What’s more is that you get an instant score at the end of each test.
7. Tell me more about the GRE Talk to Expert Program?
You can avail request for an exclusive study session with our professional GRE expert. He will do all he can to get you the highest possible score.
8. What are the key features of the GRE Test Engine?
The GRE test engine has the following features:
  • Select from a variety of question options such as skip questions answered correct in past, randomize questions or ask questions in sequence
  • Timer: keep variable time limits
  • Pause test: Freeze the timer at any time during the test
  • Mark Questions: so that can attempt those later
  • Review Status: shows the number of questions marked, number of questions unattempted etc
  • Immediate result showing candidates score, passing score requirement, grade
  • Maintain and print result history
For a complete list of features, check out our features page.
Requirements and Updates
1. What are the requirements (hardware or software) for GREPass products?
The following requirements must be met:
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (for study guide and QnA)
  • Dot net framework (for test engine)
  • At least 64 MB Ram (for test engine)
2. What about updates?
You will be entitled to free updates for a year after you purchase a product. You may download the Updates from your member account.
Order and Delivery
1. How do I place an order?
Please follow the instructions at our Order page.
2. How will I get the product?
You can download the product soon after placing the order by logging on to your customer account and clicking the Download Area tab.
1. How do I pay for the products?
You can pay through 2checkout or paypal. Please note that we do not accept money orders and cheques.
1. How can I contact you?
Do get in touch with us through our contact for available at
2. Can I talk to you too?
Yes, click on talk to us button and you will be connected to us.